Jaded: Tales from the workbench

July 11 2020

We created Jaded Jewellery from an interest and passion for history and ancient languages. From a young age we have had an unrivalled love for jewellery and all things shiny. We were and still are collectors and lovers not consumers. We feel that every piece of jewellery should hold meaning, memories and stories for the person wearing it (and inevitably, those that ask about it!).

We feel so lucky to be able to create jewellery together from a common interest and appreciation for ancient civilisations. We put dedication and hard work into every piece of jewellery that we make and are proud to be able to handcraft each piece. 

We are Kim, Adam, Addison and Bluebell (Wife, Husband, Daughter and Dog). Kim is the designer and maker of all Jaded Jewellery pieces. Adam runs the website, social media and emails. Addison likes to play with play doh and if you have ordered any of our hammered products you can guarantee that she has had her little hammer out and has been hammering away alongside Kim. Bluebell, well you will probably see her the most on our Instagram and Facebook, a 5 year old Pugalier and workbench pal.

We love the idea that our passionately made pieces can make people smile, brighten days, tell stories and build connections. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the love and great feedback that we’ve received so far and look forward to working hard to make you all your favourite jewellery in the future.

Tell us what you love most about jewellery? Are you a collector, designer or jewellery lover? Do you have an interesting story based around jewellery? It makes our day hearing from you all and we would love to hear more.


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