Behind the Scenes: Sandcast Cuff

July 28 2020



Our Sandcast pieces are a labour of love and all designed and casted in house. Each piece starts with creating a mold (majority of the time these are handcrafted from wax) to use and are imprinted into casting sand. Once we have created an impression of the mold for the silver to be poured into we have to create air holes and run offs to help ensure we have silver filling every part of our mold.

We use 925 silver grain to create our sandcased pieces however we do use some offcuts of sheet silver from other pieces to ensure we are as economical and environmentally friendly as possible, we do not want to waste anything. We then heat the silver up to a molten state and when ready carefully pour the molten silver into the sand cast impression.

Then it's the fun part, we take apart our cast to reveal the new piece (hopefully) as I said at the start sand casting is a labour of love. On occasion if you haven't created enough air holes, haven't got enough silver material or did not pour correctly it will have an effect on the outcome. Once the piece is created we then remove the burr, clean up any sprues and then start buffing and polishing to the desired finish.

I love this process, it gives you a really nice textured finish. Personally I love to leave as much texture on the piece as possible, this way the finished article feels like true ancient treasure that has been weathered over time. The final piece can be fully customised to your desire, we will work with you to create your perfect piece of jewellery. 
Check out our sandcast cuff here



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