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The inspiration for the ‘Stone’ collection came after a drive that took me past Stonehenge. I looked at the amazing structural work, the way that the rocks were balanced on top of one another and how perfectly one was placed to compliment the next.

Stonehenge is deep in factual and fictional history that references Merlin and King Arthur as relevantly as Neolithic Britons.

There are many opinions with regards to why Stonehenge exists and what it could have been used for over the years but my interest when looking at it was purely structural.

I went home and began creating wax moulds, dripping and stacking wax in layers until a structure appeared.

From this came the Pebble, Balance, Rock and Slab ring.

I focused a great deal on texture in this collection. It was important to me to have beautiful shiny new pieces of silver but they needed to capture the appearance of stone. As a result the collection has the makers file marks and sanding marks giving a brand new piece with an aged twist.

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